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Hospitable House in the Forest was established as a free space for long-term inhabitants and short-term guests. The main idea is to develop a healthy community of friendly people with positive core values (ecological, healthy lifestyle, openness, self development). This is a place for spiritual, psychological and physical recovery and development through contact with nature, fresh food, simple life and temporal relative isolation from outer world. Also it was planned as a resource spot, a meeting point which hosts various small-scale training events, programmes, exchange of knowledge and putting some of them into life. This place is good for open-air sport activities and for picking gifts of nature such as mushrooms, berries, wild herbs, etc.

The House is situated in the low-populated area of Central Russia, just 220 km to the east from Moscow in the tiny village surrounded by pine forests.
We are open for guests FOR FREE. But notice that it's total non-smoking, alcohol- and drugs-free zone.

Please, feel free to contact me through e-mail , Michael Shestero
or through Facebook: